Genesis Presale in

Introducing the FMT LAB: first NFT launchpad for Street-artists the decentralized NFT platform for Street-artists

Launching our Genesis Collection on June 2nd

Launching Genesis Presale on June 2nd

Streetlab Genesis Collection is designed by the Mexican Street-Artist Yescka. All the NFTs of this collection are the governance tokens for the platform.

Genesis Presale in


Minter is coming !

Drop Mechanics

We believe that the governance token blablala
We are not selling any random PFP collection
Once sale is over, the rest of the supply will be burnt

Purpose is for Street-Art what Artblocks is for Generative Art: a community-led platform with the best curated #StreetArtNFT projects.
Street-Art is ephemeral, with timeless messages. NFTs is a path for these artworks to become eternal. They can be destroyed in real life, they will be here forever on the blockchain.

Historically a militant movement, Street-Art is connected to blockchain philosophy and will add a lot to the NFT digital art ecosystem.

" opens new fields of creativity, connects street-artists directly to their collectors and unlocks new revenue streams. Our mission is to build the greatest #StreetArtNFT community and empower all street-artists willing to enter the NFT scene. "

All the NFTs of the Streetlab Genesis are the governance tokens of the platform

THE FIRST STREET-ART PFP COLLECTION, FINANCING THE FMT LAB is a decentralized organisation meaning that the governance decisions are made by the community made of the holders of the Streetlab Genesis Collection. This collection is called Free Muertos Tribute and has been designed by the Mexican Street-Artist Yescka.

The Free Muertos stand for the freedom fighters, coming back from the dead to guide the Street-Artists toward the NFT scene to echo their voices and fight censorship.


I began painting graffiti when I was 15 on the streets of my home city of Oaxaca in Mexico. At the time, my inspirations came from the movements called “wildstyle” or “throw up” and I was what can be called an illegal street-artist... In 2006, when a huge political and social movement arose in Oaxaca, I decided to use my art to denounce the abuses, the assassinations and all the problems that emerged from this conflict. I realized how powerful an image could be to fight for a cause.

I decided to join a group of militant artists from Oaxaca to form the ASARO collective : the Assembly of Revolutionary Artists of Oaxaca.

I consider the streets to be the best gallery to expose my work but I also truly believe that blockchain technology and NFTs can be an amazing medium to carry strong messages.I strongly believe in the ideology of decentralization, as the way to bring more equity and more freedom in our society.

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Technique &


The unique artistic style of this collection is called woodcut printing. It sits at the crossroads of two artistic movements : engraving and street-art.
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This series is inspired by the Day of the Dead, one of the most important and significant Mexican traditions, since it is the date where the living prepare to receive their dead and live with them.
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Perks of Genesis ownership

Bringing value to Genesis holders is at the core of our approach.

Earn revenues from Streetlab

100% of  Streetlab benefits are distributed to the owners of the Genesis Collection

Vote for artists
you want to promote

Get the power to curate and fast-track street-artists in the NFT Space

Get privileged access to featured drops

Presales access and exclusive drops reserved to the holders of the Streetlab Genesis

Own full commercial rights

All Genesis holders are allowed to brand their own projects or products by using their Free Muertos NFTs and sell them independently

How it works? Tap on image to zoom

Ethereum flow

How it works?

How it works?

FMT Collection
by Yescka


with NFT Project

Resources Hub

Selected Projects for sale
on FMT LAB platform

Launch details

The collection is composed of unique NFTs, minted on the Ethereum blockchains

Mint price will be disclosed before launch, taking into account Eth price and gas price

A strict limit of NFTs per wallet address will be set to ensure a fair distribution

Mint Date → June 2nd 2022

We truly want to reward all the early members of the community and the most engaged FMT family members, by making sure they will have access to a Free Muertos Tribute NFT. There will be several ways to gain access to the whitelist for our private sale, and the first one is to read our website and find this button to register:

The Team


Street-Art OG.

The Free Muertos Tribute is for me a huge opportunity to echo my messages, gather more street-artists willing to strengthen the boundaries between us and it will also enable me to finance other social projects to support indigenous and migrant communities.

Alexis D'Eudeville

Left Google to focus on Web 3. Trully believe that team management is an art.

After having envisioned the endless possibilities of NFT I felt like I had to build a project with a purpose based on transmitting my understanding to help others to jump in!

Sébastien Rouby

Left Finance to become a Butcher.
Left butchery to become NFT marketing specialist.

I am part of the amazing big NFT fam since February 2021, first through collectibles, from Veve to Opensea, and then slightly moved towards gen art and 1:1. What excites me with FMT is the amazing opportunity to bridge the gap between two strong communities : street-art and NFTs.

Julien Bessaguet

Disagreed with Alex : the Art is the code.

I joined the Streetlab team for two reasons : the long term vision and the technical challenge. I consider myself as a decentralization maximalist and I feel like this ideology is part of Streetlab DNA.

Sonia Ankri

Street-Artists success manager

I’ve been in the Street-Art world for years now, organizing different shows and festival to bring some light on this artistic movement. As a NFT collector myself I had no choice but joining Streetlab to recruit and guide the most amazing Street-Artists willing to start their Web3 journey.

Maxime Oulé

NFW : Non-fungible-webdesigner

I have to confess that i have been dreaming of the future of the FMT Lab platform pretty often… And I can’t wait to disclose what I see!


Why street-art?

We are convinced that NFT technology is a fundamentally positive revolution for art and artists. It is all about community, empowering new forms of creativity. Street-art is surprisingly under-represented in the NFT space even though it is a militant art movement by design. It is also incredibly integrable with this environment and would fit perfectly into digital galleries.

What is a NFT?

An NFT stands for “Non-fungible token” and is a fancy way of saying it’s a unique, one of a kind digital item that users can buy, own, and trade. Some of NFTs main functions are to be digital art form and for aesthetic purposes, some offer additional utility like exclusive access to websites or participation at an event, think of it like a rare piece of art that can also act as a “members” card.

How can I buy a Genesis NFT?

Firstly you have to know that Genesis NFT are priced in Ethereum. So you need to first buy some Ethereum on an exchange and send them to your wallet (we advise using Metamask Wallet : Then depending on the time you want to buy your Genesis NFT, you will be able to mint it directly on the website or buy it on Opensea if the collection is already fully minted.

It sounds amazing but I feel a little bit lost. Where can I ask my questions?

Head over to our discord server, we will welcome you with open arms and answer all your questions.

Will there be any giveaways?

Yes, we have planned several giveways before the release in order to grow our community and raise awareness and after the release to reward the Free Muertos holders.

Will there be any token withheld from sale?

Yes, 99 tokens will be held for cross partnership purposes, giveaways and the team.