the decentralized NFT platform for Street-artists

mockup Purpose is for Street-Art what Artblocks is for Generative Art: a community-led platform with the best curated #StreetArtNFT projects.

Street-Art is ephemeral, with timeless messages. NFTs is a path for these artworks to become eternal. They can be destroyed in real life, they will be here forever on the blockchain.

Historically a militant movement, Street-Art is connected to blockchain philosophy and will add a lot to the NFT digital art ecosystem.

" opens new fields of creativity, connects street-artists directly to their collectors and unlocks new revenue streams. Our mission is to build the greatest #StreetArtNFT community and empower all street-artists willing to enter the NFT scene. "

All the NFTs of the Streetlab Genesis are the governance tokens of the platform

mockup is a decentralized organisation meaning that the governance decisions are made by the community made of the holders of the Streetlab Genesis Collection. This collection is called Free Muertos Tribute and has been designed by the Mexican Street-Artist Yescka.

The Free Muertos stand for the freedom fighters, coming back from the dead to guide the Street-Artists toward the NFT scene to echo their voices and fight censorship.

They all have a rarity score based on their specific traits and attributes. To see the official rarity ranking you can click here.

Out of fairness, the token allocation during the sale was purely random. For more information about this, please check out the genesis provenance.

The Team

Sébastien Rouby

Sébastien Rouby

Left Finance to become a Butcher.
Left butchery to become NFT marketing specialist.

I am part of the amazing big NFT fam since February 2021, first through collectibles, from Veve to Opensea, and then slightly moved towards gen art and 1:1. What excites me with Streetlab is the amazing opportunity to bridge the gap between two strong communities : street-art and NFTs.

    Alexis D'Eudeville

    Alexis D'Eudeville

    Left Google to focus on Web 3. Trully believe that team management is an art.

    After having envisioned the endless possibilities of NFT I felt like I had to build a project with a purpose based on transmitting my understanding to help others to jump in!

      Julien Bessaguet

      Julien Bessaguet

      Disagreed with Alex : the Art is the code.

      I joined Streetlab for two reasons : the long term vision and the technical challenge. I consider myself as a decentralization maximalist and I feel like this ideology is part of Streetlab DNA.

        Sonia Ankri

        Sonia Ankri

        Street-Artists success manager

        I’ve been in the Street-Art world for years now, organizing different shows and festival to bring some light on this artistic movement. As a NFT collector myself I had no choice but joining Streetlab to recruit and guide the most amazing Street-Artists willing to start their Web3 journey.